About Us

We are a family owned and a Christian oriented company. Here is a link to one of our other websites, www.lifesjourneyministries.com.

The Arizona Progressive School of Riding is he newest addition to quality rider education in the “Valley of the Sun”. We provide both Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) licensing certification for beginning riders, and advanced rider training course for experienced riders. We utilize the most current curriculum and techniques developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The Progressive School of Riding was conceived under the premise that motorcycle riding is a life-long learning responsibility. Today’s motorcycle marketplace¬† is dynamic and all indications suggest the continued¬† increase in the number of motorcycles in the traffic mix in the U.S. We had identified the need for affordable, convenient, quality rider education here in the west valley to accommodate the growth and interest in safe motorcycling for riders of all levels and experience.

Area of Expertise

Arizona Progressive School of Riding provides a comprehensive approach to motorcycle safety by addressing it on a variety of fronts that considers the views of all stakeholders and meeting the need of all riders.